Humpherys Family | Singapore Lifestyle Photographer

    December 3, 2016

    The Humpherys family is headed on their next grand adventure, starting life in CHINA! They are my heros. But the hardest part about saying goodbye to them is that I didn’t get nearly enough time to get to know Catherine better. Literally every time I’m around their family, I just want to bottle up their secret family recipe and sprinkle it around in my home. They have such a wonderful family dynamic, and I know it stems from such an amazing mother in Catherine. So I’m definitely gushing, but it’s really a sad gush because I selfishly wish this wasn’t goodbye.

    Lucky for me, I got to spend some extra time playing in the wind, laughing at tangled kites, and rolling down hills with this special family. And what I really hope is that these images will help you understand a little more about the love this family exudes.

    oh, sweet Lily girl.

    I love this big sister moment. She is so sweet with Sammy.

    it seems that everyone in the family is smitten with baby Ella! such a doll.

    happy mama & her kiddos 🙂

    baby dimples with mama // this boy was hilarious rolling on the hills!

    dad + Sammy

    Sammy LOVES flying kites. As John said, “That right there, that’s pure joy.”

    successful kite-flying // Sammy having the best time with the wind and the kite

    Love this age.

    Ella and Dad // Mom making sure the string doesn’t actually fly away, but still letting you think you’ve got it. I’m pretty sure that’s a life metaphor…


    giggles with Dad
    Sammy in his element

    Lily did her best gymnastic moves for me! The best.
    Handsome Humpherys boys!

    Saying goodbye to Singapore

    Just the best family!

    We had about 5 minutes of pretty sunlight poking through the clouds during sunset.

    Gorgeous Singapore.

    Catherine and her baby.


    Playing with Dad is the best. I love photographing how Dad interacts with their kids. Everyone has their own style, and it is really special to try and capture that.

    Dad and Ella heading home after a successful evening!

    Farewell, wonderful Humpherys family! I can’t wait to see more of your time in Shanghai!


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