Odessa | NEWBORN

    January 22, 2019

    I spent a magical morning with these two gorgeous Hughes girls, just a mere eight days after Odessa’s entrance into the world. Julie now has six (SIX!) children, and watching her bask in the happiness of newborn life was pretty special.

    “I feel like I should stop smiling so big!” Julie said. “But I can’t. I just love her so much.”

    So here’s to jumping into this next chapter with our biggest, biggest smiles, because we love so hard and are just so. happy.
    2019-01-22_0003.jpgJulie wrote this piece about Odessa’s name, and it so beautiful, I feel like it has to be included with her newborn images:

    Her name is Odessa Hughes. She is the last one to join our family, and I’ve been thinking of her odyssey which began long before she was born, and will continue long after her life on earth. Her name will remind her of this truth, and give her perspective during her earthly odyssey. I hope her journey here is full of joy and adventure, but like any worthwhile journey, she will experience troubles and heartaches too. I want Odessa to remember always that the reward will be worth it, and that the journey matters even more than the destination. Bon voyage, little one!2019-01-22_0032.jpg
    2019-01-22_0004.jpgjust a little outfit change. 2019-01-22_0011.jpg
    2019-01-22_0005.jpgok, obsessed with Julie’s new mama glow.2019-01-22_0034.jpg2019-01-22_0008.jpg
    2019-01-22_0006.jpgpretty mama, pretty Odessa.2019-01-22_0009.jpg
    2019-01-22_0007.jpgsweet girl.2019-01-22_0035.jpgcan’t.stop.staring.
    2019-01-22_0010.jpgbeautiful Odessa.
    little stretches. //
    2019-01-22_0015.jpgtiny fingers.
    2019-01-22_0022.jpgbut those lips.
    2019-01-22_0018.jpgpeeking in on this sleeping beauty.2019-01-22_0020.jpg
    2019-01-22_0028.jpgjust the tiniest toes!
    what happiness looks like.
    can I please look like this the week I have a baby. 2019-01-22_0024.jpg2019-01-22_0029.jpg
    2019-01-22_0025.jpgher sweet little yawn!
    Julie has this beautiful necklace, six hearts to represent her six babies.

    So, so glad I was able to photograph these gorgeous humans. Welcome to the world, baby Odessa! You are so loved.

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