the power of three. // BRITTON FAM

    April 6, 2019

    All the stars in the sky lined up for this gorgeous session with the Britton family. The light was absolutely perfect, which just illuminated this lovely family and their sweetness. They meandered through the Orchid Garden in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, playing tag, twirling, discovering the flowers and giving the tightest squeezes.

    The last time the Britton family took family portraits, Zara was only three years old. THREE! Zara isn’t three anymore, and I am sure so many things have changed with their family, but I’m certain their love had not. This one of my new favorite sessions, and I’m so thrilled they chose me to document their family in the stage it is in

    right. now.

    the loveliest little girl.
    2019-04-03_0004.jpgcannot get over the light we got that evening.a rare quiet moment in the gardens.
    2019-04-03_0005.jpgpretty Mona + pretty light. // cutest family.2019-04-03_0006.jpgone of the cutest looks between these two.  love, love. these Orchid Gardens bring out the best.walks through this stunning Singapore garden. real smiles right there.this glowing, beautiful girl.gorgeous Mona!2019-04-03_0003.jpgjust the most graceful, sweetest little fairy girl.surrounded by love. discovering these stunning flowers.stole mama away for some portraits. obsessed with her red lip application. so good.perfect skirt for twirling! squished hugs. I can’t even! love her gorgeous smile. Zara was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she was thrilled to try on her beautiful white dress & model for me.  dreamy.Zara girl. // hugs with dad.Britton family together.handsome dad + his pretty girl.giggles + orchids.smiling up at mama.2019-04-03_0001.jpgmom + dad portraits.these two have the very sweetest bond.pretty family. // perfect details.I love capturing these little moments. They don’t hold your hands forever. well, these two. so cute. it’s not like these two are related or anything 🙂 Zara absolutely loves ballet, and I didn’t even have to ask her twice to show me a pose or two 🙂 possibly one of my favorite moments in the session. I was shooting mom + dad, and sweet Zara would just walk into the frame, holding her mini bouquets and stand with her parents.  stunning family.some ballet poses with this graceful little lady.how you feel with your love. // poses + kisses. mama + her girl. the way he looks at her.I think everyone knows my weakness is photographing moms and their kids. So fun with these two.laughs with mama. Is she not so magical?!sweet Zara gave me some of the pretty flowers she gathered around the gardens.  Perfect way to end this pretty perfect session.

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