FLEMING | mini session

    May 22, 2019

    I have a fear of my babies getting older, bigger, growing up + moving on. But seeing the Fleming family together made me forget ALL of that, and get real pumped for this stage.

    The stage of funny jokes and hand-holding.

    The stage of taking photos of each other.

    The stage where you ASK your parents of a photo of you and your sibling.

    The stage of play-fighting and sister hugs and everyone making sure everyone looked great.

    “This stage is kinda the best,” Rachelle said. “Mostly, I get to hang out with my best friends.”

    The whole evening was pretty wonderful, and now, I kinda can’t wait for my babies to be big. There can’t be anything better than hangin’ with your babies who are also your besties.

    mama + her littlest.2019-05-22_0005.jpg
    girls with their dad! // pretty girls.
    being together is the best.2019-05-22_0008.jpg
    handsome Isaac! // cutest mom + dad.2019-05-22_0009.jpg
    love documenting this family during their time in Singapore.2019-05-22_0010.jpg2019-05-22_0014.jpg
    aren’t they the most gorgeous sisters? love.2019-05-22_0011.jpg
    2019-05-22_0012.jpgthey are absolutely the cutest fam.2019-05-22_0002.jpg
    “Isaac is everyone’s favorite” was the phrase! // something about how dad looks at mom, gets me everytime.2019-05-22_0013.jpgreal smiles.
    2019-05-22_0015.jpgcutest.2019-05-22_0039.jpgFleming guys. // being silly.
    2019-05-22_0019.jpghappy Lily!2019-05-22_0006.jpg
    2019-05-22_0017.jpg2019-05-22_0004.jpgpartners for life.2019-05-22_0021.jpgthe two of them.
    gorgeous Fleming girls.
    sisters + their mama for life!
    2019-05-22_0032.jpggah, perfect light with this perfect couple.2019-05-22_0035.jpg
    2019-05-22_0033.jpgIsaac the fave!

    2019-05-22_0036.jpgthose smiles.
    2019-05-22_0038.jpg2019-05-22_0037.jpgdad snapping shots of his cute kids. sweetest!2019-05-22_0045.jpg

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