O R E G O N

    July 30, 2017

    After my grandma Mariah died unexpectedly, we booked tickets to America three days before we left. THREE DAYS! It was a whirlwind, and one of the perks of planning with such short-notice is that you don’t really get to plan 🙂 Kyle came with us (LIFESAVER) and spent the week in Oregon with us. It was so wonderful. The weather was perfect, and it was so great to have all of our family together again.

    Oregon has always been a place of refuge and peace for me. Growing up, it was the perfect escape from friend drama and school work, the place to relax and visit with some of my favorite people. I spent a few days unsure if we should/could make the journey back, but I felt an overwhelming feeling that I needed to be there.

    It was exactly what I needed during this hard time, to be in Oregon with my family. 2017-07-24_0004.jpgWe rarely get photos of just the two of us, but man, I seriously love this guy.
    2017-07-24_0005.jpgAmelia was so interested in Tennyson’s blonde hair that looked just like her.
    2017-07-24_0006.jpg2017-07-24_0007.jpgSo fun hanging out with Papi.2017-07-24_0010.jpg
    2017-07-24_0008.jpgLove those curls and these faces.
    2017-07-24_0012.jpgOur cute cousins!!! It was the best time ever spending time with them.
    2017-07-24_0014.jpgthis babe is my sister!

    dangggg that guy is my husband. // drawing on the Oregon coast.
    2017-07-24_0018.jpggirl cousins! fun to have a photo like this, even though the wind was fierce that day.
    2017-07-24_0020.jpgthese girls are obsessed with dad.2017-07-24_0011.jpg2017-07-24_0023.jpg

    quick stop for ice cream at the cute town in Cannon Beach!

    Since our entire family is rarely ALL together, we capitalized on our time together and spent a day doing touristy stuff in Portland that we don’t typically do. It was fun to explore downtown and try some new things.
    ice cream for the little babies.

    Stopped at the infamous International Rose Test Garden in Portland. It was stunning! We made it just barely in time for the last glimmer of light before it went behind the mountains.
    2017-07-24_0026.jpgMy cute parents.

    2017-07-26_0001.jpgMy littlest brother is nine years old, and my little girls adore him. Clearly!
    2017-07-26_0003.jpgGorgeous roses.

    we went full tourists and stopped at Voodoo donuts. Consensus was good, but not amazing.
    2017-07-28_0004.jpgberry picking! clearly we’re from Arizona because we all thought this was sooo fun 🙂
    2017-07-28_0007.jpgwent to dinner at our dear friends farm. It was so fun! 2017-07-28_0009.jpg
    Little stinker eating some dirt!
    2017-07-28_0011.jpgLove this image because that pink bucket symbolizes food to the sheep, so Ryan had to hold it over his head as the sheep crowded him.
    2017-07-28_0013.jpgThis sweet girl leaned in for a kiss right as we snapped this image. She seriously is such a love.
    2017-07-28_0017.jpgso I let her try a little dirt. eek!
    2017-07-28_0019.jpgRy climbing to the top of a pole.2017-07-28_0021.jpg

    water balloon fight!2017-07-28_0022.jpg
    2017-07-28_0025.jpgI especially love having these little portraits in Mariah’s home. It was so special to us, and I love capturing a bit of that.
    2017-07-28_0026.jpgpark time with the little ladies.
    2017-07-28_0028.jpgmy dad teaching Amelia how to pump her feet on the swing. SO CUTE!
    2017-07-28_0030.jpgplaying in Mariah’s backyard. Perfect view, perfect little forest.
    2017-07-28_0032.jpgmy little bestie girls.
    2017-07-28_0034.jpgI love them.

    This trip was so special and had so many great moments to it. It is hard to say goodbye to someone we love so much, but being together as a family was perfect. Until we meet again, Oregon.

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