LAOS 2017

    June 25, 2017

    One of my favorite things about living in Singapore is our ability to travel to other countries. As a family, we grow so much closer together (literally, sharing a tiny hotel room haha!) and also just in the journey. We don’t have a lot of toys with us, we are experiencing new cultures, food and people, and it’s just a fun adventure. Flights are inexpensive and short, and once you get there, accommodations and food are pretty affordable.

    Kyle and I have a running list of places on our “Southeast Asia Bucket List” of places to travel. But the really exciting thing about living here is people have such great recommendations, it usually trumps whatever we think is on our Bucket List. Luang Prabang, Laos, is one of those places. We started hearing about it after our trip to Hoi An, when the common comment was “If you liked Hoi An, you’re going to LOVE Luang Prabang! It’s like Hoi An ten years ago.” So after several Laos recommendations, we decided to add it to our “Must-See” list and planned our summer vacation to Laos. And we definitely did not regret it! We had the best time.

    Kyle puts together fun videos when we travel. As a family, we LOVE it. We go back and re-watch these “Trip Videos” all the time. It’s so fun to see how our family grows, who we traveled with, what we ate and saw, and even see how good Kyle gets at this skill ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s always a highlight to me to see these videos. Here it is below!


    Our 15-minute layover in Vientiene, Laos. Love the sleeping man in the back.2017-06-20_0002.jpg

    After a 6 a.m. breakfast, it’s time to put on our swimsuits and hit the pool before starting the day. HAHA

    We took a tuk-tuk through beautiful Laos scenery to get to the Kuang Si waterfall.

    Then we hiked up, but not really far at all.2017-06-20_0008.jpg

    Sweet couple. // A little apprehensive about the freezing water!2017-06-25_0027.jpg

    Kyle got a new toy before this trip. And amazingly, it flew through the jungle over waterfalls!

    Butterflies were seriously everywhere in Laos.

    These waterfalls are surreal. // Love my lil Strawberry girl!

    Look at Erika’s face. That water was frigid!

    Sweet little Amelia wanted to jump from this ledge, but was so nervous. She stood there long enough that she attracted a huge audience that began to cheer her on!

    Eleanor was pretty unsure about the water, as it was freeeezing. Love this quiet little moment overlooking a little waterfall.2017-06-20_0015.jpg

    It started pouring when we were getting ready to head out!ย 2017-06-20_0010.jpg

    We did a late afternoon hike up Mount Phousi, which was directly across from out hotel. Despite it being 350+ stairs to the top, it was relatively easy access and had a gorgeous view.


    Our view at the Elephant Village.

    I love seeing my girls with the locals. // This man and his lil shorts.

    Kyle rode on his elephant while wearing a napping Eleanor. Love this. // See them in the river!

    Amelia looooooved the elephants.

    Taking a little boat ride to see the baby elephants.

    Taking my elephant down this super steep hill to the river was sooo hard! // Can NOT get enough of these curls!
    Love these curls.

    Still cannot believe this view.
    A lunch of rice. Always such a sticky mess! // Sweet “big Amelia” with Eleanor.

    An elephant ride across the river!

    This is not the only kitty picture I have from this trip. It takes all I can to make sure no one touches a stray animal. Haha.

    Ok, one of my highlights from the whole trip! Amelia willingly hopped up on an elephant (which is actually quite terrifying), got in the river and bathed her elephant. She is so brave!ย 2017-06-20_0044.jpg

    I could hear her yelling “I don’t like it!” when her elephant sprayed her.


    Cute Amelia!

    After the bathing was over, Amelia stood in front of the elephants and begged me to touch them again.

    I love traveling with friends! We will miss this family when they move, but I’m glad they’re moving to Arizona ๐Ÿ™‚

    Guess what this whole entire crew is doing! Yes, flying the drone over the river. // my explorer.

    I’m obsessed with her!

    Oh my gosh this might be one of my favorite photos ever. These eccentric Chinese women loved Amelia and were chatting and playing with the girls.
    Halfway up my climb with little E.

    Stairs for days!

    Fresh smoothies and fruit juice! There was like 5 different stalls to choose from.

    Travel by tuk-tuk is the way to go.

    I shared this on my Instagram, but one day, we were getting out of the tuk-tuk and next thing I know, Amelia has sauntered over to this Uncle enjoying his coffee. They chatted and laughed, despite language barriers, and then Amelia said bye. I love traveling with kids.

    Seriously so cute.

    Pretty Garner girls! // THIS LITTLE BOY ON THE BIKE! I CAN’T EVEN. He was just sitting here as we walked bye, laughing and chatting away.

    There is a really special cultural event that happens. It’s an ancient Buddhist ritual that has been around since the 14th century, and luckily, still occurs today. The Laotian people rise every morning at first light, around 5:30 a.m., and take their place on the sidewalk.ย Hundreds of monks from the 35 temples of Luang Prabang walk in silence, meditating as they collect their daily alms from devotees. This is the Buddhist practice of making merit, a symbiotic relationship between the monks and alms givers.

    Amazing experience.

    After the Alms giving ceremony, we wandered through one of the best wet markets I’ve ever walked through. Everyone was set-up on the ground, chatting and visiting with their customers.ย 2017-06-20_0063.jpg

    Fresh produce. // I’m so glad I was able to quickly snap a shot of Eleanor as we entered the market. Her look says it all!
    There are little frogs in that styrafoam box!

    Plenty of rice! // Aldous girls.


    Just taking everything in! It was so fun to explore. // Chicken feet!

    I really love this shot. Just everyday life in Laos.

    Hanging with my favorite girls.


    Temple exploring!

    Amelia begs Dad to pick her up or carry her. And it’s so sweet because he always says yes. // A Luang Prabang alley.2017-06-20_0001.jpg

    These little sisters. They are just starting to really play/laugh/interact with each other. It’s my favorite.
    Heading out! We had the best, best time.

    Kyle’s been making these awesome frames of each one of trips. I seriously love them. It is full of meaningful words from the trip, places we visited, inside jokes, names, anything and everything. It is such a special keepsake from our vacations, and we put a photo from our trip in it.ย 2017-06-25_0021.jpg

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