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    September 23, 2016

    You guys, I have a confession.

    The Marina Barrage is a gorgeous location in Singapore. It is elevated, which allows for the most gorgeous skyline views of downtown Singapore. It has a constant, steady breeze, perfect for kite-flying and picnic days.

    Every time I’ve photographed at the Barrage, I have absolutely loved the final result here and here. But it just hasn’t spoken to me the way other locations have. The way the light dances through Orchids at the Botanical Gardens, or how everything I photograph at Gardens by the Bay looks like a painting. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little prejudice. It’s so cliche, I’d think. You only need the Barrage for one good photo. You guys, I’m not proud of my attitude.

    BUT. This session, this gorgeous, light-filled, bright, joyful family session, has completely changed my mind. The Marina Barrage was showing off in full-force for the Parker family, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The kids giggled and tumbled on the hills, the light was unfiltered by clouds or haze. We almost had the entire Barrage to ourselves (thanks, Thursday!), and the breeze kept us from completely melting in the Singapore sun.

    So, these photos are my public apology to the Barrage. I like you, and I love you, I’ll be back to photograph again soon.

    These are the sweetest little friends.

    Little Emery. She is the sweetest, happiest little one-year-old lady.

    You can tell these little ones are just best friends. Look at them holding hands! I love it.

    Sweet dad moments are kinda the best.

    Emmett played hard with us! // Cutest little family, but really, that jumping toddler really makes my day.


    Dad makes the best playground, amiright?


    We came to the Marina Barrage for the views. And man, did it deliver.


    Jess is such a wonderful mama. You can tell instantly how much she adores her children, and they, her.


    I think this might be a mama’s most terrifying game, but Dads love it. and as you can see, Emmett could NOT get enough of it 🙂


    Such a gorgeous couple. No one looks this good after an hour in the Singapore heat. NO ONE.

    Emery + mama // Emmett + Dad


    I have a lot of favorite images from this shoot (SURPRISE), but this one might be at the top. I love the peeks of the Singapore skyline, without being INYOURFACE, I love Emmett’s expression + little toes, and I love Dad spotting him below, ready to catch.

    light, little reaches and little smiles.

    Dad + son // snuggle friends

    if in doubt, bring some bubbles. They might leak. They might not work that well. But I guarantee it, the babies will love it.


    Life just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t let him roll down the hills at the Barrage.

    You can just tell this little Emery girl has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.

    Her little chubby hand, just snuggled into Dad so tight. These moments don’t last long.


    Emmett was possibly the most well-behaved 2.5 year-old little boy ever. This cheese grin gets me every time.


    Sometimes I pretend I’m shooting something else, then I quick turn around and see what I’m missing. This little moment with Emery and Jess is everything. // The games never end when you’re entertaining a toddler.


    Two babies born in Singapore!


    Mom fixing the bow (I know the feeling!) // Jess kept Emmett smiling during this session


    Little friends


    Marina Bay Sands // Big, baby blue eyes that’ll get you every. single. time.

    This little lady would have let me photograph her all day! Such a sweetheart.

    These two.


    It’s only right to end this high-flying session with this kiddo.


    Thanks for a wonderful session, Parker family! And thank YOU Marina Barrage, for giving me a second (or third, or fourth) chance 🙂


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