am I really here?

    October 20, 2016

    Our first day in CAMBODIA was surreal. I had more than one moment where I thought,

    Am I really here?

    I always dreamed, hoped, that I would be able to explore the world. But really, I never imagined in a million years I would be doing it with two little girls, traipsing through Angkor Wat, a baby strapped to my body, photographing my beautiful little toddler + handsome husband. I had to pinch myself a little.

    It’s just surreal. It’s awesome. It’s also really hot.

    Kyle made my new favorite trip recap video, below. He is so talented! And I just love that we have these memories in moving pictures, because it just tells a story. It’s definitely a story I don’t want to forget.

    Traveling with two little ones does make for a different type of trip. You know you might eat a cold dinner because the baby needs to sleep and you don’t want to disturb the restaurant trying to rock her to sleep. You’re ok with missing every step of the tour, because the toddler wants to run ahead or stay behind. Naps aren’t had in the hotel room; instead, the toddler sprawls out on the tuk tuk. People line up to touch your baby or take pictures with your kids; the kids may or may not cooperate (and I don’t care).

    But in my experience, people are also more gracious, more forgiving of young families. The waitresses in Cambodia loved to hold Eleanor while I was eating, which was a welcome 3-minute break 🙂 Meals for the toddler are brought out early, in a gesture of thoughtfulness. The hotel staff was so accommodating and helpful to our crew. Overall, we have experienced so much more love & helpfulness when it comes to little ones, and that is truly a

    universal language.

    We journeyed with my brother Erik and his wife Amanda. // Kyle testing out the GoPro, and Amelia testing out the $1 fan we bought to fend off the vendors.

    Angkor Wat! It was SO HUGE. I mean, I know it’s big. But I had no idea how massive it was.

    A little Cambodian girl selling fans. She loved the girls, and it was so sweet to see her with them. I had just finished nursing E, (hence the red cheeks + extra sweat), and everyone around us was fawning over the girls. It was one of those moments I’ll remember forever.

    Amelia had a toddler strike as we were walking down Angkor Wat. It was really hot. She didn’t want to walk. You know. // People constantly trying to photograph, take pictures, hug Amelia. Sometimes we decide to be just as annoying to them. Ha.


    Can you find the little blonde-haired babe in this picture? 🙂

    NEWLYWEDS! Haha.

    I love these images of Amelia with some locals having lunch.

    and she made some friends throughout the temple…

    There is this cool “echo” chamber that was built. If you pound your chest, it will echo throughout the room.

    My cute lil breakdancer.

    Our tour guide was SOOO informative…haha 🙂

    Well, Amelia is obsessed with Dad, and her face says it all. Honestly, she can’t get enough of him, and he has a realllyyyyyy hard time saying no to her 🙂


    My picture-taking, sweating, constant travel companion. Eleanor was seriously the BEST.


    Definitely the newlyweds over here 🙂

    This temple, Ta Prohm, was our favorite from the entire trip. It was an AMAZING temple. It was overgrown with trees, climbing in and through the temple. Giant roots, moss, ruins to climb on.

    My favorite.

    I mean, look at how cool it is.

    We took E out for a second. Literally. Then I got nervous she’d fall over on ancient stone and I put her back in the ergo 🙂

    A day at Angkor Wat requires some serious pool time. And our resort had a fun pool that was basically a big lazy river with canoes! Fun.

    My favorite girls in a canoe.

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