the magic in being together. // Ahmann Family Session

    December 7, 2017

    I’m pretty sure anyone who knows the Ahmann family, loves them. One of my most favorite parts of this session was getting a little peek into their family dynamic. I know Emily as a mother to baby JJ, I oftentimes see her with little Savannah or the big kids. But seeing everyone — mom, dad, all FOUR kids together at once?

    That, my friends, is nothing short of magical. I can say that with authority now because I witnessed it.

    There is something fantastic that happens when everyone is together, everyone has someone. These sweet kids couldn’t get enough of their parents, or really of each other. They played, twirled, giggled, tickled, held hands and kept each other together. It’s as if they know this family time is sacred. They know it is special when they are together.

    And really, that’s a pretty amazing place to be.


    prettiest, prettiest girls! // toddler toes + daddy tosses2017-12-07_0003.jpg

    obsessed with his little eyes peeking out from sister kisses.
    2017-12-07_0002.jpgbest smiles. // totally in love with this happy portrait of this mama.2017-12-07_0005.jpgsweet sisters!
    mama fixing bows. // brothers
    2017-12-07_0042.jpgdowntime with dad. // sister secrets.
    I’m a little obsessed with this portrait. Dad catches laughing baby, Savannah enamored in the background. so cute.
    sweet Savannah. // BROTHERS.
    2017-12-07_0017.jpggiggles for daysssss.
    2017-12-07_0009.jpgand then, there were four.
    2017-12-07_0008.jpgbig smiles and gorgeous Audrey.2017-12-07_0041.jpg2017-12-07_0007.jpg

    can you guess what these kids are watching?! Definitely watching JJ being tossed in the air by dad. LOVE! // spins with this curly-haired little lady.2017-12-07_0044.jpgjust love this!2017-12-07_0012.jpg
    Not sure how I got lucky enough to make such amazing friends here in Singapore, but Emily is one of those people who makes you realize you didn’t even know what you were missing. She has embraced her role as a mother with such a passion and responsibility that I am constantly reminded of my own role as a mother, which is so special.
    I have vivid memories of my own mother curling, brushing and feathering my bangs (HA!) as a kid. I love catching a little bit of those own moments with moms and their daughters.
    2017-12-07_0037.jpg not enough time in the world for these two. so cute! // a-typical family portrait.2017-12-07_0010.jpgalways the in-between moments that have my heart.
    2017-12-07_0011.jpgsomeone can’t wait to throw a football!
    2017-12-07_0034.jpghandsome Ahmann boys. // spins + twirls
    2017-12-07_0013.jpglove this escaping little boy!
    2017-12-07_0014.jpgall giggles.2017-12-07_0006.jpggorgeous family!
    2017-12-07_0015.jpgI think Savannah’s face shows how much everyone loves this little brother. // nothing but obsessed with his mama.
    2017-12-07_0016.jpgum love this pretty family!
    2017-12-07_0021.jpgpretty Audrey nestled in this hibiscus tree. // mama + baby
    it’s always best when we’re together.
    2017-12-07_0020.jpgsuch a sweet brother. // Grady!
    2017-12-07_0036.jpg2017-12-07_0019.jpgha! one of my favorites.
    2017-12-07_0022.jpglove taking the time to shoot mom + dad. 2017-12-07_0025.jpg2017-12-07_0039.jpgbig + little brothers.
    2017-12-07_0023.jpglove them.
    Ahmann kids, together. // JJ cannot get enough of his daddy!
    2017-12-07_0026.jpgevening sandy twirls.
    2017-12-07_0027.jpgrock jumping. // little man making mama nervous!
    2017-12-07_0028.jpgok, do you just love his upset face?! I can’t get over it.2017-12-07_0031.jpgobsessed with mama. // the hands that tie us together.
    2017-12-07_0030.jpgliving on the edge.
    love is love. // cutest kids!

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