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May 9, 2017

I guess it’s really only fitting my last goodbye to April was at the Singapore Zoo. We’ve been planning her “Farewell to Singapore” session to be at one of the places they spent the very most time — the world-renowned Singapore Zoo. The very first playdate outing I had in Singapore was at the Zoo with, you guessed, April and Brooklyn. At that time, she was still pregnant with little Jack and I was just barely pregnant with little E. And now! They’re expecting baby #3 (yay!) and have grown so much as a family during their time here in Singapore.

I absolutely loved this session at the Zoo. It was bittersweet, of course, since it was their last time at the zoo, but mostly so much fun. This is a place that the Money family has visited dozens of times during their time in Singapore. I love that we were able to capture some of their favorite memories here in Singapore, and make a few new ones as well. It is such a gorgeous venue, and was the perfect backdrop for some of their last goodbyes.

How do you say goodbye? I’ve decided you don’t. You go on the “April Money Farewell Tour,” which includes a couple girls shopping trips, a few spa days, several lunches and splash pads, and of course, a final trip to the zoo. You plan future trips together and just don’t say goodbye.

So, this isn’t goodbye.


Peeking at the animals. // Quiet baby + mom moment.2017-05-09_0001.jpg

I think this is how you look at your husband when you’ve been separated for three months. Truly, one of the strongest women I know.

Love this zoo. // April’s dear friend just gifted her this darling Singapore skyline necklace. Perfect gift for April because she loves this iconic skyline!2017-05-09_0007.jpg
c u t e s t   c o u p l e.

We waited to do this session until Jack was a little older. And it was so worth it. I love him walking, running and just exploring one of his favorite places. // This adorable, spunky three-year-old face.2017-05-09_0045.jpg
We stopped the Elephants of Asia and fed the elephants! It was a highlight of the morning, for sure.

fruits for our elephant friends.  // that little hand reaching.2017-05-09_0012.jpg

I think the whole family was pretty enchanted by this personal experience with such majestic animals.

The elephants were so friendly!

They made the loudest trumpeting sound I’ve ever heard up close! 2017-05-09_0019.jpg

Someone was in heaven.

All the heart-eyes for this mama-daughter moment after the elephant took her carrot.

Glad Dad is home. // Jack swiped more fruit to keep feeding the elephants. Sooo cute.2017-05-09_0020.jpg2017-05-09_0047.jpg

Obsessed with April as a mama. She’s so playful and fun with her kiddos.

Everyone loves looking at little Jackie-boy in the wagon. 2017-05-09_0025.jpg
John took this sweet photo at the Marina Barrage at their last visit. I’m jealous of that polaroid. // Venturing into the Fragile Forest.

Just some pretty Money girls.2017-05-09_0027.jpg

Love seeing how sweet John is with his kids. 2017-05-09_0005.jpg2017-05-09_0032.jpgcomfortable together. // that little face kills me.2017-05-09_0022.jpg

One of my favorites from this session. Love this framing.
Literally, the prettiest zoo of life. It is right here on a lake, in this beautiful jungle.

These Money boys!

One quick toddler. // Lovebirds.2017-05-09_0033.jpg

Exploring the zebra exhibit. I love this image because I have totally seen April and Brooklyn do this before. I love capturing something that is truly a memory.

Some cool cats.

This zoo is the best. They have this entire “Fragile Forest” with monkeys, Mouse Deer, bats, parrots and more just roaming freely around you.

And sometimes when you’re only one, you touch them 🙂

This is the mama who runs circles with her kids. 2017-05-09_0035.jpg

Little guy airplanes // exploring the zoo.

Love this crew!

Jacks face on this “bumpy part” is the best. // happy family! so happy they are finally reunited.

There are bats, monkeys and all sorts of little critters + birds around you. Can you spot the bat in this picture?
2017-05-09_0042.jpgEyeing the lion. // B’s FACE!

Not sure what animal they saw here, but I’m pretty sure Jack was trying to touch it. Haha!
2017-05-09_0049.jpg Perfect ending to their four years in Singapore.2017-05-09_0029.jpg

April and I like to joke that we have a testimony of Moana, the Disney movie. It’s a beautiful movie with a powerful message, and we both cry every time we watch it.

The people you love will change you
The things you have learned will guide you

I will carry you here in my heart

You’ll remind me

That come what may, I know the way

Thanks, Money family, for changing us.

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  • Reply Amy May 10, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    “Little guy airplanes!”
    This was perfect. This is one of the longest not-goodbyes ever.

  • Reply Tin Sauerbier May 10, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Hey Lea, It’s Tin!
    We met a while ago through April, the couple of times you were at the terror club. Not sure if you remember us.
    I’ve been following your blog since. I can’t get enough of the great pictures you take.
    You’re right. The Moneys are awesome! Onto new adventures!

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