constant // Hughes Mini Session

November 28, 2017

this expat life is pretty fluid. people move in and out constantly, usually within a two-year period.Β sometimes, you get lucky enough and people stay a little longer. and sometimes, lightning strikes and a family like the Hughes stay even longer. They are a constant source of kindness and inspiration, and even better, they are a constant here in Singapore. It is one of the best feelings ever forming friendships and knowing you won’t be saying goodbye in six months.

All I know is I am so grateful they are here for the long-haul, because they make Singapore pretty great.

2017-11-27_0006.jpgare they not the cutest family?!Β I shot their in-home family session last year and it is still one of my favorite sessions ever. (If you’re needing some home inspiration, definitely check it out. Amy’s style is serious goals.)

um, gorgeous kids much?! I love them.
2017-11-27_0008.jpgthese two sisters seriously adore each other. It is so sweet to see them together.
2017-11-27_0009.jpgDans face at Amy cracks me up everytime.2017-11-28_0011.jpg

Maeser has grown SO MUCH since the last time I photographed him!

Hughes kids on the move.

keepin’ up with Moses. // beautiful family

beautiful mama!

can’t have enough Scout in my life. Love this little lady!

handsome boys! // Daddy’s girl.

totally love this family!

giving mama daily heart attacks.

ok, maybe one of my favorite portraits ever. This is exactly how everyone posed naturally, and I totally love it.
2017-11-28_0009.jpgloved getting some different portraits at the Barrage. This family is adorable!2017-11-28_0012.jpg

these girls!

2017-11-28_0013.jpglove them! 2017-11-28_0014.jpghand-holding and skyline lights.Β 2017-11-28_0015.jpg

we got some twinkling lights with this gorgeous couple.

2017-11-28_0019.jpgthat smile!
Singapore skyline with this family.
2017-11-28_0022.jpgboys + girls.
2017-11-28_0023.jpgeveryone together.
2017-11-28_0025.jpgone of the cutest couples ever.Β 2017-11-28_0017.jpg

loved, loved photographing this adorable session, Hughes family! xo

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