It’s called magic.

May 25, 2017

I feel a bit like a phony when I overuse the word magic. Doesn’t that lesson it’s impact? Is it not magical anymore if everything else is also magical? I don’t think so.

There is a hashtag going around, the Magic of Vulnerability. It is inspiring people to be vulnerable on the internet and share their experiences with pain and loss, heartache, depression, isolation, and everything in-between. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I think there is magic in being vulnerable.

Instead of pretending everything is perfect, I’m going to be real. Instead of dumping lots of pretty pictures and saying, “Look at these perfect kids and this perfect family and this perfect afternoon!”, I’m going to let you in on a secret.

So here is some vulnerability.

EVERY SINGLE SESSION has a moment. or two. maybe even three. One that has tears or poutiness. Someone is annoyed, or someone hates their jumpsuit. I’ve had sessions where little man gets mud on his clean, new pants. I’ve had sessions where Dad was late. I’ve had sessions where someone doesn’t nap and is GRUMPY. Most sessions, someone complains about the heat or says they’re sweating. Someone is sick, the clouds never part, there are too many people at our location. Sometimes, all of those things happen!

When we were at this session, there was a moment when Sarah looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry!” and I had to tell her to stop apologizing. I hate posting so many “perfect” moments, because I know the truth, and we know it’s actually not perfect. My goal is not to make someone think everyone elses’ families are perfect. My goal is to highlight the uniqueness in your family, the love that you share, the moments that you may not have even realized were moments to be captured. That. THAT is magic.

To me, that really is where the perfection is found. There is magic in those moments, however imperfect they may be at times. And when we squeeze together for a posed photo, it might look perfect on the outside. and that’s ok, because I think it really is


I have a special spot in my heart whenever I photograph these two sisters. // Sweet Nora Jane.

Dad + Nora.

Little kid expressions are the best! // Giggles and sunshine.

Twirls for dayssss.2017-05-23_0002.jpg

Little exploring sisters.

What you do on the top of the Barrage…put together kites and play on the grass.

Posed. But I still love it. // This cute boy was fascinated by my camera. Which made for such fun portraits.

Happy baby!

Walks through Singapore. // Looking for kites with Dad.

These girls love Dad.

Peeks of the skyline and a skipping Lucy. // Sibling snuggles.2017-05-23_0026.jpg

Those smiles.

A mama + her girls.

baby PVerl’s little curls // Lucy Lu.

OBSESSED with this dancing queen. But seriously. Her moves are toooooo good.

One of my favorite family portraits, ever.

But. LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL FACES! Sorry I shouted. I’m just so excited.

These dancing shots still make me laugh. Love her. // Prettyyyy Sarah.

Gotta get a few moments with the OG’s of the family.


Handstands in the sun. // Nelson boys.

Oh, just love this shot. Sarah is such a powerful mother, and I just feel that in this photo.

Sometimes, you just need a little quiet moment.

Little PVerl! // Little looks.

That little man has captured everyone’s hearts in the Nelson family.

Um I seriously love this couple. #goals2017-05-23_0016.jpg

Look at those smiles! I love the look on Patrick’s face. Pure joy, right there.

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  • Reply Kristie Larsen May 25, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    These turned out phenominal!
    I love it all. Dance moves, PVerls curl, Sarahs beautiful face and butt grabbing.. 😂 I love this family!

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