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November 27, 2017

β€œThere are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
–Albert Einstein

As I have been working on this session, I couldn’t help but think about miracles. This entire session was sprinkled throughout with tender mercies, even beginning with Brian coming for a surprise visit from Australia! Having the entire family together for some portraits was so special.

First, we started this session in the midst of a true Singapore thunderstorm. Honestly, I think lightning struck the ground next to us when I pulled up to the house. We decided to brave the outdoors since it hadn’t started raining, even as swarms of people were leaving! It made everyone a little nervous so we shot fast and hard, and it was a miracle we didn’t get soaked!

As we shot the last half of this session at home, the sun peeked out for less than 15 minutes and was the sweetest little miracle that we were able to capture some of that sun-soaked beauty.

But baby Barbee is the biggest miracle for this family, and I’m so honored Bridget asked me to photograph their family during this special time.

and from my perspective, everything is a miracle.


Don’t you just love them?

2017-11-24_0004.jpgperfect gorgeous couple. You’d never know it was about to start pouring with that light peeking through!

We did some sweet portraits of Audrey, who is turning EIGHT! In our church, eight is when children are old enough to get baptized, if they choose. It was so special being able to photograph this little lady who has made the very important decision to get baptized!2017-11-24_0001.jpg2017-11-24_0010.jpgIsn’t she so adorable?!

beautiful mama and her baby! // gorgeous family.2017-11-24_0006.jpg

such a sweet family! Everyone is obsessed with baby Nate.

cute Barbee kids!
2017-11-24_0008.jpggetting that sweet little smile out.
2017-11-24_0009.jpglove Audrey poking little brother. haha! // love Audrey perched on her seat. so cute!2017-11-24_0011.jpg

right before the rain started!magic moments with these three kids.
2017-11-24_0012.jpgsnuggling with baby brother. // boys!
2017-11-24_0013.jpglittle Nate! So alert…and those baby blues!
2017-11-24_0014.jpgthis gorgeous mama and her baby.

cute cute kids! // littlest brother.
2017-11-24_0016.jpgthese Barbee kiddos are so sweet!2017-11-24_0018.jpg

that smile is the cutest thing ever. // mom & her boy.
2017-11-24_0017.jpgsibling squishes!2017-11-24_0019.jpg

I can’t handle his little face with mom cooing and tickling him!Β 2017-11-24_0021.jpg 2017-11-24_0022.jpg

it’s clear who the favorite person in the house is… πŸ™‚

can’t believe we got lucky enough with some clouds! love this.

Cute Nate!

Cute Barbee kiddos. // perfect portrait.

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