makin’ me blush.

September 11, 2017

Getting sweet emails, texts and calls from my clients-turned-friends, and friends-turned-clients, is my favorite part of the job. These testimonials say it all, even though they make me blush and want to do the monkey-face-over-eyes emoji.

So if you’re considering hiring me to capture the magic in your family, to get the prettiest, best parts of your perfectly-imperfect family, please, read on. 

“I cannot say enough about how much we loved working with Leah for our family photos. She truly cares about people and has captured so many gorgeous moments. You will not regret hiring her magic and I very highly recommend her.”

— Jenni Stoddard

You know those pictures that make you want to live in that moment forever? That kind that give you a lump in your throat because you feel so many emotions at the same time? The ones that make you realize time really does go too fast? Leah takes those pictures. She captures the most meaningful moments which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. For me, some of the most cherished pictures she has taken have been of me and my kids from angles I would have never seen otherwise – the look of a babe over my shoulder, one holding on to my leg, the chubby little hands on my cheeks.My favorite thing is the joy you can feel through the pictures.  It is so, SO hard to choose which ones to hang because no wall is large enough to fit all of good ones. But the ones we hang sure do pull on my heartstrings, I stare at them all too often wondering where time has gone and asking myself how it’s possible that my babies aren’t babies anymore.

Leah is SO patient with kids (and husbands) that would much rather do anything but cooperate and say “cheese,” she just let’s us be us and goes where the shoot takes us.  She captures only the best moments and they feel so real every time you look at them. From newborn pictures to holiday pictures and anything and everything in between, Leah has been there to document them for us and I couldn’t be more grateful.

— Stephanie Davis

“Working with Leah was the best. She has a way about her that helps you feel 100% comfortable and natural. You barely notice her there and it feels as though you are spending a day with your family. That level of comfort shows up in her photography. She has a unique gift of being able to catch the small things, the little glances, the tender moments that you don’t even realize are happening. She’s able to capture not only the moment but the feeling behind the moment and the relationship.

The pictures I have from Leah I will

treasure forever.”

— April Money

“We are so happy with the photos Leah took of our family. It was a special time bringing our newborn home and Leah was perfect at making everyone comfortable in front of the camera and happy to let us do what we needed to make baby comfortable as well. It didn’t feel like a stiff and posed photo shoot at all. It was very organic and relaxed and we were able to just be ourselves and some how she captured exactly what we wanted out of it. She is professional and kind and has an impeccable eye for beauty. Thank you Leah! I highly recommend you to everyone I know.”

— Kristie Larsen

Looking to book a session this fall? Look no further. Check out my pricing for family sessions and mini session HERE.

Let’s make some magic!

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