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June 7, 2017

Some people just nail it, and anyone who know the Davis family knows that’s kinda their special superpower. And I should really know, this is our fourth (or fifth?) session together!

Stephanie somehow just nails the perfect look for this family session, and even on a cloudy day, glimmers of sunshine still peeked out. They nail all the looks + poses I direct, and even more importantly, all the ones I don’t ask for. They completely trust me (which is important), and have zero expectations with their children (which keeps those little kiddos at ease).

Besides being a ridiculously photogenic family, they are ridiculously genuine, and that never fails to translate in photographs. Told ya! They just nail it.

Absolutely love these images, but not quite as much as I love this family!

Beautiful Davis girls. // cute fam!


Dad + his little girl. Some pretty light peeking through the sky here made my day.

OHMYGOSH I can’t handle their cuteness.

Kisses for sister! // Look at that little face!


Sweet little family!

Little Kai in his bowtie!

This perfect, everyday moment when your baby runs and grabs your knees, when you reach down to catch their little head and let them know you are there. I hope I never forget what it feels like to have a toddler playing at my knees. Mama + her little Quill!  

It’s so fun to capture a little bit of an a-typical family portrait like this. Sweet mama, pretty light and just the happiest family.


Love these four!

Dad + his kids!

Made Stephanie play with this gorgeous Anthro skirt for a minute. 

Thanks for such a gorgeous afternoon, Davis fam!

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