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    capturing THAT.

    The Larsen family just welcomed their FIFTH boy, baby Asa, into their family. FIVE! CINCO! BOYS! So many exclamation points. It’s a house full of Pokemon cards and wrestling, superheroes and Legos. When I…

    April 7, 2017
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    Love Story, Pt. 2

    “Go ahead, say it. -You don’t deserve her. -I don’t, I know that; but I need her, and I don’t need anything.” (SABRINA, Kyle’s favorite movie and the first movie we watched together) After…

    March 3, 2017
  • Thailand

    43 hours in THAILAND!

    Spent two days in Thailand for a quick girls shopping trip. My dear friend April is moving so soon (crying emoji) and wanted to plan a few shopping trips before she leaves Asia. I’ve…

    February 17, 2017
  • Family

    Love Story Pt. 1

    Kyle and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, which is exactly how I like it. I don’t want flowers, or chocolates, or teddy bears. I especially don’t want to go out to eat…

    February 15, 2017
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    a bit of our Eleanor Eileen.

    I clearly don’t do this monthly update (ha!) nor do I pretend to. I just embrace it when I’m able to get photos and a blog post together 🙂 A little bit about Eleanor:…

    February 1, 2017
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    365 // a day in the life

    TWENTY-SIXTEEN: the year I attempted my first 365 project. Ah! So many amazing, talented, amazingly talented photographers take on this project and really deliver. I mean, stunning images. It intimidated me to commit myself…

    January 31, 2017
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    You could’ve said no.

    I volunteer with the Young Women in my church. Typically, it’s helping with weekly activities, helping plan Sunday lessons, more logistical stuff. And since Kyle and I both help with the youth, I am…

    January 29, 2017
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    when the essence is love.

    I think most people are scared of in-home sessions because they are worried about their home. “It’s just not ready!” they say. “It is just SO MESSY!” they lament. “It just won’t photograph well, I…

    January 20, 2017
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    a Wasson Christmas

    Christmas in Arizona was full of good Mexican food, family and absolutely perfect weather. It was a much-needed trip to America, and we already miss our family. I flew with the little ladies by…

    January 18, 2017