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July 3, 2017

One of my favorite thing about these ever-increasing “Goodbye Singapore” sessions is that I get to be a little part in the farewell process. The Garner family is moving back to the U.S. after living in the little Red Dot for five years. Their life when they moved abroad was so different — their littlest was only a baby, and their oldest was only eight years old! As a family, they are in a different phase of life, and I know Singapore has changed them for the better.

Moving is no easy task, and moving internationally with five kids…no joke. Erika and John had a whirlwind month filled with packing, late nights, cleaning, last-minute trips and squeezing in every last Singapore sight + shop before the move. Our session fell on their very last evening in Singapore, and I felt pretty special I was able to capture a bit of their love and goodbyes for this beautiful country.

There is something about literally pausing your life, just hours before you get on a plane, to soak in the sights and give this temporary home a proper goodbye. After all, Singapore will always have a very permanent spot in their hearts.

Dance partyyyy at the Barrage!2017-07-03_0017.jpg2017-07-03_0003.jpg

sweet Garner girls.

Caught this adorable little moment when Audrey and James were playing with Andrew.


Extra laughs that night // Everyone piled in to love on mom.2017-07-03_0025.jpg

One of my favorite moments of the session was watching Erika as a mother. She has the sweetest way of connecting with each child individually, and I almost felt like I was intruding on their moment together.

Love these happy kiddos! // A surprise kiss makes for the biggest smiles.2017-07-03_0015.jpg
2017-07-03_0006.jpgI’ve got a soft spot for photographing sisters.2017-07-03_0029.jpg

this photo gives me alllll the feels.

magic at the Barrage.
2017-07-03_0008.jpgsister tickles // John’s face haha

looking at their cute kids 🙂

little Audrey has spent most of her life living in Singapore! // Cute Natalie + Dad.2017-07-03_0012.jpg

Gorgeous couple bathed in some gorgeous light.

2017-07-03_0013.jpgmama and her baby!


gotta keep up with the games when you’ve got a crew of five!2017-07-03_0014.jpg

those shoes though!
2017-07-03_0023.jpgMemorable moment: Natalie literally lost her tooth! Fun! // those mama looks kill me.

these goodbye sessions


Goodbyes that look happy and not even sweaty.


Garner boys and some sweetness with their Mom

this playful family!2017-07-03_0038.jpg

Andrew gave me all the Blue steel I was looking for. // happy family.2017-07-03_0033.jpg
2017-07-03_0018.jpgsweet girl cuddled right up to her mama.2017-07-03_0019.jpg2017-07-03_0036.jpgSingapore will miss this wonderful family.
these two, a little breeze and a bit of a Singapore skyline.

like most goodbyes, they are always a little bittersweet. Thanks for letting me capture your love + goodbyes!2017-07-03_0020.jpg


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