What five kids looks like // Hughes Family Mini Session

November 25, 2017


This gorgeous family with FIVE kids came for a mini session and just killed it. Marina Barrage was empty, windy and made for the perfect Singapore backdrop. They had some of the more sincere, happiest smiles! It might have been because Grandma and Grandpa were behind me. It might have been because we are not above bribery with marshmallows. But I have a feeling it was really because this family loves each other. They love being together, they love their littlest addition, and it’s so easy to see.

If this is what having five kids looks like, I might not be so terrified anymore πŸ™‚

2017-11-24_0028.jpgso cute!2017-11-24_0025.jpgis he not the cutest little baby you’ve ever seen?! Those suspenders kill me. // happy fam.

the best pictures are when everything falls apart.2017-11-24_0033.jpgand then there were five! // this picture of Sunny & Caelyn is one of my favorites.
this is why I love taking pictures. so you can see what everyone else sees.

Hughes boys. // kids + their mama.
2017-11-24_0030.jpgthose little top buns and that smile.
2017-11-24_0031.jpg2017-11-24_0029.jpgthis picture kills me.


pretty Caelyn! // so sweet.2017-11-24_0042.jpg

look at those happy faces!
kids together, mom fussing and fixing everyone. I love this! // gorgeous mama and her littlest.
2017-11-24_0037.jpgthese kids! too much cuteness.2017-11-24_0036.jpgall smiles. // who IS this couple! so stunning.

true happy smiles.
2017-11-24_0039.jpgwe played dress-up with baby Ransom for a minute…the kids could NOT stop laughing at his mustache! // all the heart eyes.
2017-11-24_0040.jpgSingapore is pretty great sometimes πŸ™‚
2017-11-24_0045.jpghugs // and kisses.

is there anything better than wind in your hair, a baby in your arm and walking with the love of your life?2017-11-24_0041.jpg
thanks for such a fun, happy session, Hughes family!

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