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April 12, 2017

I met Sam and Meg the day of our photo session, to document their one-year wedding anniversary and their time living in Singapore before they head back to the UK.

There is something so special about that one-year anniversary. Your love is deeper than you ever imagined just one year ago. There is an easiness, a happiness and a sense of security. Your comfort level is impalpable. But lest we forget, that newlywed spark is still there. And that, my friends, is so fun to photograph. It felt like a celebration of marriage, and that is exactly something that I want to document.

So thank you, new friends, for letting me in on this one-year milestone. I know there will be many, many more and that is something worth capturing.

2017-04-10_0016.jpgLoved exploring the Singapore skyline with these two.

These two made some magic happen at Satay by the Bay. It is the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous couple.


Meg told me one of her top 10 Singapore Bucket List items was to have me photograph their Anniversary photos. Such a huge compliment, and so glad we were able to check that off the list before she left!

How cute is this? They wore their actual wedding shoes for this session!


Gorgeous couple.
2017-04-10_0009.jpg2017-04-10_0001.jpgNot sure how we managed to get some beautiful drops of sunlight on this rainy day, but it worked perfectly! // Just strolling at Marina Bay.

Seriously, they couldn’t be any cuter together. // Sparkly ring!

A farewell to Singapore!
One year married!

Hand-holding and jumping at the Barrage.


Oh, the spark is real…2017-04-12_0004.jpg
So happy to have met this beautiful couple! xo

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